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In 1980s he has started working as investigator at Internal Affairs Department of Taldykorgan oblast and by 1995 was promoted to position of the Head of Department of State Investigation Committee. In 1998 Aybulat Shalahanov was heading Investigation Department of Committee of Tax Police of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Later he was Head Deputy of Director of Financial Police Departments of Atyrau and Karaganda oblasts. In 2001 he was appointed Head Deputy of Principal Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty. In 2002 he was heading the Investigation Department of Financial Police Department of Almaty and till 2006 held leading roles in the Department of Investigation of Economical and Corruption Offences of the Republic of Kazakhstan.Currently Aybulat Shalahanov is an advocate and criminal attorney. His practice consists primarily of criminal law, particularly financial and tax offences. Aybulat has broad financial offences expertise, and his practice includes representation of clients in criminal litigations, including disputes with state authorities (financial and tax authorities) and criminal cases arising as a result of tax inspections. Years of practice and knowledge of internal approaches and methods of work of financial and tax authorities give Aybulat advantage in preparation of successful strategies for representation of clients in courts.Aybulat Shalahanov has high governmental honors for excellent work at financial and tax authorities of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
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