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Upon his admission as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya in 2000, he commenced his legal practice at Messrs. Syed Ibrahim & Co. where he was entrusted by the firm to solely oversee civil and criminal litigation cases. In 2002, he went into a partnership and formed a legal firm, where he was the partner in charge of the litigation practice. In January 2004, Raja Ahmad joined Azmi & Associates’ Litigation and Arbitration Practice Group and was elevated to a partner of the firm in October 2006 and was made the Co-Deputy Managing Partner in July 2012. Raja Ahmad’s current field of practice is civil litigation encompassing a range of claims relating to company law, joint venture disputes, electricity supply, land, development and venture capital, specific recovery of movable and immovable property, bank guarantees, indemnities and warranties, with recourse to ancillary relief through freezing orders, search orders, delivery and tracing. He also handles construction and infrastructure disputes. His Practice Group is actively involved in debt recovery assignments including for local financial institutions specifically relating to Islamic finance disputes. Raja Ahmad’s greatest success was overturning an award damages for breach of contract which exceeded RM1.2 billion. He was successful in the Court of Appeal and prevailed again in the appeal to the Federal Court. The case involved novel points of law and difficult issues relating to legal procedure. He had to deal with numerous interlocutory applications at the High Court, Court of Appeal and Federal Court, including the stay of enforcement of judgment, and successfully representing his client’s interests in all of them.
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